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A new product is on the market that I’m excited about.

Living in Colorado makes it easy to enjoy and explore the wilderness- except for the fact that the forests here are disappearing and dying rapidly, and over 36 million acres of Colorado (according to this Wikipedia article) are already damaged or destroyed by the Pine beetle infestation.   Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to stop the spread of the damage, and the standing dead trees puts Colorado and other infested areas at a much greater risk of wildfire.   Not to mention, it makes the hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, skiing, and other exploring less sightly and kinda depressing.

Above: ^ This is a damaged area within Rocky Mountain National Park.   All the grey trees have been killed, and scenes like this are typical throughout the state of Colorado.

So life gives you lemons?   Make lemonade right?   That’s what Bradley Lomax of BDL Percussion is doing.   Life gives you a surplus of dead pines turned slightly blue from the fungus carried by the Pine beetle, you make… practice pads, drums, and percussion!   Of course.

Please support BDL Percussion and other manufacturers who incorporate sustainable processes!   Our natural resources are valuable, and many around the planet are being used faster than they are being replenished.

Energy And Drumming

This is an important topic for all drummers. Energy work is an important part of the training you want to prioritize. Your energy effects everything you are doing on your instrument, as well as when you’re practicing.

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WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? What is “energy work”?

INTRO TO ENERGY (for those not already familiar with the concept of a ‘human energy field’)
Human beings are comprised of a physical body that includes an energetic field within and around our body. This is the complete system addressed in eastern herbal medicine, accupuncture, massage, and most holistic health/healing practices. Ability to influence and control your energy field is trained in Tai-Chi and other martial arts.

Before I discuss this energetic field, let me clarify the term ‘physical reality’ which includes the physical body. Reality according to science is made of one basic quality called energy. Energy can take many forms, and as humans we filter energy with our senses, into ‘solid matter’ (which is really over 99% space between subatomic particles), ‘heat’, ‘sound’, ‘light’ which allows us to ‘see’ physical matter, ‘taste’, and ‘smell’. This physical system is only part of the human existence.

Most people are aware of their sense of energy. Humans can sense energy beyond our more well known five senses. This is obvious with some thought, and is important to be aware of, especially for personal and musical improvement. Most people are familiar with the feeling of someone being physically close to them or directing attention at them, even before detecting the other person with any of their five senses.

Feeling Energy

The sense of feel goes well beyond noticing other people and their energy. For example, practicing and developing this sense usually leads to a clearer intuition. Intuition is like a gear that can be switched into, and is important to musicians and artists of all kinds, but especially musicians, since they work with the fabric of time as their canvas – musical decisions need to be made on impulse many times, and when musicians are in touch with their sense of intuition they can create more moments of sheer ‘magic’ – when things line up syncronistically and unpredictably.

Another benefit of being in touch with your natural sense of energy is that you can better satisfy the most important aspect of music, which is its ‘soulfulness’ or ‘passion’. Music can be technically complicated or basic and simple, but what always matters is how the audience is engaged. Creating that connection with the audience is very simple. It all boils down to what you are feeling when you are performing. Essentially you should bear in mind that the more you enjoy your performance and are present in the moment of creating it, the more the audience will feel what you’re doing and be thrilled with the performance. A performer can even have moments of silence that still engage the audience, if they are feeling intense amounts of energy.

Improving The Sixth Sense

The good news is that there is no need to feel intimidated by this subject (or any aspect of drumming skill) because there are easy proven methods for improving this skill. Growth is predictable and very rewarding. The REALLY GREAT NEWS about this subject is that improvement in this field will improve every possible area of your life, and will bring happiness beyond imagination to your world of experience.

There are a couple main things to keep in mind with improving your sense of ‘energy’, and beyond these steps will have to wait for another discussion….

“Gong Bath” – Vibrational Therapy

I attended a gong bath last night, in the Starhouse outside of Boulder CO.   There were two gongs used, and the performance was amazing.   All his different implements bring out different frequencies from the gongs, and there was an incredible symphony happening for an hour and a half, coming from just those two metal disks.   I cannot describe what my experience was, in any accurate way that would do it justice… besides hearing a symphony, I was feeling the gongs on a few other levels too and my body was reacting to the sound.   It was truly a powerful ‘healing’ experience, and as we were warned, I felt very powerful detoxification from the event – the gong sound vibrates us down to the cells in our bodies.

I highly recommend this experience, or a similar ‘sound healing’ event.   Many varieties of sound healing events are available no matter what part of the world you live in.

Since according to physics, everything in the universe is generally made from vibrating energy, it follows that humans can be affected by waves of vibration.   Without going too deep into the subject of vibrational ‘healing’, there is a rich history of drumming and music being used to influence the health of humans, animals, and the environment.   This is not just an occult superstition, it is a powerful technology that happens to have some ancient and sometimes mysterious roots.

(One of the greatest books ever written on the subject is shown here- drummers, if you want your mind blown, check this out!!   “The Healing Drum” by Yaya Diallo)

ANYWAY, the main point of this post is to raise awareness of an event!   I’m not sure about other locations in the country and the world, but here in Colorado, an incredible Gong Bath tour will be taking place shortly, Feb. 21st thru Mar. 4th, 2013!   Richard Rudis is a Buddhist practicioner who is skilled at coaxing his desired frequencies and songs out of a gong which is tuned to the fundamental vibrational frequency of the earth…  Read more and view the calendar of events
I can personally attest to the awesome depth of experience of being washed with powerful waves of sound.   Amazing!

Also, here’s an article in the Denver Post about Richard Rudis and his healing events:   Gong Bath: The Sound Of Serenity

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