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BDL Percussion – Ecologically sustainable practice pads, drums and percussion, recycled from trees in CO killed by pine beetles.

We really appreciate collaboration within the drumming community and beyond. Our friends are anyone who wants to mutually collaborate and/or spread exposure for one another and/or who simply like what we’re doing here.

Welcome to the PDN community!

Friends of Play Drums Now

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Jazz Piano Lessons from leading expert Steve Nixon.  Enjoy a wide array of free tutorials and brush up on your jazz chops!

Game Audio covers the realm of music and sound in the interactive entertainment industry.  Their audio jobs are sure to get you some employment!

Bass Tuner is a free online tuning fork for your bass!  Try and tune by ear for a change – you’ll be amazed by the results and a better musician from this simple tool.

Drummer Cafe
Online drum / percussion resource… serving drummers and percussionists since 1997.

Professional Drum Teachers Guild
Promoting integrity, community & excellence in professional drum education… 4 better drum educators, 4 improved technique, not 4 profit

Teacher And Student Method Books
Interactive teaching resources for the drumset.

The most complete drummers website on the planet!

Modern Drummer Magazine
The world’s #1 drum magazine

Percussive Arts Society
The Percussive Arts Society (PAS) is a music service organization promoting percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world.

Tiger Bill’s Drumbeat
Expert advice, lessons, products, resources, & talk about drums, drumming, and percussion.

Colorado Music Institute
Professional lessons for drums, guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, and vocals. A personal friend to PlayDrumsNow – This is where Adam Randall taught drumset lessons for 10 years and field-tested his educational books and materials on a full schedule of weekly students.

Progressive Music Center
Guitar, Drum, Piano, Bass, Vocal Lessons: Progressive Music Center

Rudimental Drumming
THE home for rudimental drumming on the web

Drums Database
The Drums / Percussion Resource for Players and Music Educators.

Drum Dojo
By drummers, for drummers

The Drum Experts
Devoted to new and used drums, cymbals, and percussion.

Rhythm Web
Rhythmweb is an educational resource for those studying World Percussion and World Music.

See Jane Drum
We are the world’s greatest online community for women drummers!

Andover Educators
Teaching the art of movement in music

Institute For The Study Of Human Knowledge
30 years of working to advance our understanding of the mind toward conscious evolution

SXSW Learning and Mayhem await you at the worlds largest music conference.  Jump into the ocean of people and enjoy some southern exposure

GDC Europe The European version of the legendary video game conference.  Get into the game and see about getting more business, and fun!

Max Senitt – Drummer / Percussionist

More friends and resrouces coming soon!


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