List Of Songs By Tempo


drum lessons 12340This list is in order of tempo, from slowest to fastest.   It allows you to find the exact right song for a particular groove or pattern you want to try with music, or for a certain tempo you discover you like.   All the songs in this list are worthy of learning or jamming with – they have been tested by drummers!
**Please note that some of these songs are ‘explicit’, so be sure to check into this if necessary, before using a song.

This is a work in progress – updates will happen occasionally. Enjoy!


Tips for using this resource

  • Find an easy tempo for playing a groove or pattern, and use this list to find songs you can practice it with.
  • When you find a song you really enjoy playing with, use this list to locate others within a few BPM’s.
  • Improve your versatility: Use this list to strategically play songs across a wide range of tempos and feels.   Use all four feels in the list, and make sure to challenge yourself with slower songs as well as faster ones.  
  • If you want to increase your speed with a certain technique or rhythm, use songs at a level just beyond your comfort zone.   As your skills increase, you can continue into higher and higher tempos.

    Help us increase the list of drumming songs for everyone!

    Submit new tempos for songs you like, using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

    Finding the tempo of songs
    It is easy to determine the tempo of a song, with or without a metronome.

    1) The 30-Second Method
    This is the easiest. First, try tapping your foot to the beat of the song to find the main pulse (it’s usually a reasonable walking or jogging speed… and for rock music in 4/4 time, to help you find the quarter note pulse, you can usually assume the snare is on beats 2 and 4.)
    Now, count how many of these beats you hear over the course of thirty seconds. Double the result to find out how many ‘beats per minute’ (BPM) the song’s tempo is.

    2) Metronome method
    This is a method that takes some practice and skill, but it gives you a quick result- and it can be a fun challenge. Start the metronome while the song is playing, and adjust it up and down until it stays lined up with the music for at least a few measures. Whatever the metronome reads is the current tempo of the song.

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